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Moogle Mini Midi v1.0

by on Feb.03, 2011, under Arduino / AVR

new board i designed to make more professional looking midi tools to make music with :)
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midi mixer

by on Jan.19, 2011, under Arduino / AVR

working on a new crazy midi mixer interface
will have 128 potentiometers total
so far I have 64 working with multiplexing on one analog input on my custom midi arduino board :)

Sooo much soldering!

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Speak Jet to hell and back

by on Oct.24, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics

It started off as a simple Speak Jet chip… Then I added it to my Antimov robot for the sparkfun competition…
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arduino art

by on Oct.04, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics

100% auto routed
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to: The Arduino Opensource Community

by on Oct.02, 2010, under Arduino / AVR

First lest me start off by apologizing. After a good nights rest and time to rethink my thoughts more, I realize now how harsh my last post was and I am sorry.
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The Arduino Uno Disappointing Failure :(

by on Sep.30, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics

I was excited receive my Uno today in the mail, the packaging was nicely designed.
This excitement quickly faded when I picked up the Uno for the first time….

The following describes my disappointment with the new Arduino Uno…
Be sure to click the photos and view them closely
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New Didj / LX forum!

by on Sep.09, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Didj, Electronics

I am pleased to announce that now has its own forum! Forum
Check it out!
Even has a photo gallery

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whats inside a lx cart?

by on Aug.28, 2010, under Arduino / AVR

I ripped a game apart to see what was inside :)
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20mhz arduino pro (un-supported, support)

by on Aug.24, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics


We actually had to retire this item because it is totally unsupported by the Arduino IDE.
I can get it to work fully with just a few lines add to boards.txt
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Arduino Enclosure Modding

by on Aug.21, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics


Notice how the surface isn’t smooth with the plates in.


How did I do that?
First I used a layer of plastic model glue to secure the panels in place. Once the glue had dried I sanded as much as i could to make the panels flat with the case surface. first with course sand paper 40 grit then move my way up slowly to 250 grit.
Next I applied a layer of primer paint. let it dry then sanded it down with 250 again.I then applied some epoxy to the cracks with a razor blade to make sure that the surface was as smooth as possible. sanded smooth then applied another layer of primer. once the primer was dried for a day i took some very fine wet sand paper and wet sanded the case till it was super smooth.
now it looks like there were never panels to begin with :)

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