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Speech Synth Reverse Engineered

by on Aug.12, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Didj, Electronics

After a ton of probing and trace fallowing I have come up with this schematic :)
M14 is the piggy backed roms only one side of the pins of the chip are used
IC2 is the TM5200

Table of WTF magic

now for power im using this circuit

work fine with my arduino, now to get to coding and building an small amp for the sound out

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how to freak out the computer illiterate

by on Aug.09, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics

just plug my new box into their usb port :-D

made with the Adafruit arduino enclosure :)

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Adafruit’s Arduino Enclosure – 1.0 : A review

by on Aug.05, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics

No Moogle is not selling out and getting sponsorship from Adafruit :-D I just really like this product
Arduino Enclosure – 1.0
I received my enclosure today and was reminded of my past plastic model building as a child from the smell of the case :)

This case is very well designed and should be very easy to paint and customize. It looks like a lot of thought went into the design of the lcd mount with extra space to add your own clear plastic panel to protect the lcd.
There is tons of room inside the case for any lipo battery system you could possibly want.

But there is a lack of mounting posts for an arduino pro :( just a little too short.

slight problem I found with the case is it has a weak spot when force is applied in these directions.

This should be a easy fix for the next revision of the case, just swap the flange around.
Over all though I say this case is definitely worth the $ if you are looking for a case for your arduino

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by on May.15, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics

after seeing this on H.A.D FabISP
I thought I could make it smaller and cheaper :)
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Didj Carts and stuff

by on Mar.08, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics

I think I may be on the way to the most functioning shields ever attached to an arduino :-D
this would not be possible with out the board service from
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The mod continues

by on Feb.05, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics, Music

Got my new controller for my new DMX lighting system today :)
the new scan head in the works

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Chauvet Lx10 Mod/ hack

by on Jan.30, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics, Music

I was watching my Dj light wondering what was in it? what chip did they use?
Seconds later it was in parts on my desk…
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Square Expander Shield

by on Jan.24, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics

Neat little idea I had for a arduino shield
Based on the PCF8574A I2C expander
Up to 16 of these shields can be stacked up for a total of 128 more I/O ports added to an arduino!!

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Screw shield Mod and some stuff

by on Jan.17, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics, Stuff

The trick is to solder the headers to the arduino very carefully so not too much solder is on the pins
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The A.S.S. (Arduino Saver Shield)

by on Jan.11, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Electronics

so i bricked one of my arduinos so i came up with this shield to fix it
Arduino Saver Shield
I also finished getting my LM75B breakout working :)

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