Breaker 2.0 assembled

by on Sep.20, 2010, under Didj, Electronics

I cut a piece of black plexi glass and drilled the holes.
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New Prototypes DJHI NHE! Breaker 2.0!

by on Sep.20, 2010, under Didj, Electronics

Got my new prototypes in today :)
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New Didj / LX forum!

by on Sep.09, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Didj, Electronics

I am pleased to announce that now has its own forum! Forum
Check it out!
Even has a photo gallery

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Uart Boot on the LX

by on Aug.31, 2010, under Didj, Electronics

Uart boot has now been figured out on the LX
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D5 on the lx

by on Aug.27, 2010, under Didj

here it is for your uart boot enjoyment

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Didj vs LX cart diferences

by on Aug.25, 2010, under Didj, Electronics

looks like the pad thickness has changed from the didj to the lx

Maybe to reduce to the cost per board? Less surface area to plate?

sd pins and cart detect have longer pads now?

before this was only for the power pads

Pad size comparison, same magnification used on the microscope and angle

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i2c on the LX

by on Aug.21, 2010, under Didj

found it

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Speech Synth Reverse Engineered

by on Aug.12, 2010, under Arduino / AVR, Didj, Electronics

After a ton of probing and trace fallowing I have come up with this schematic :)
M14 is the piggy backed roms only one side of the pins of the chip are used
IC2 is the TM5200

Table of WTF magic

now for power im using this circuit

work fine with my arduino, now to get to coding and building an small amp for the sound out

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TI Speech Synch Exploring

by on Aug.11, 2010, under Didj, Electronics

I acquired a Ti speech synthesizer module today cheep to experiment with :)
According to this old data sheet I found of the speech chip TMS5200.pdf this should be easy to interface to a Didj or arduino!
Oddly there is a second rom chip stacked on top of the original in parallel with all pins soldered to??

So I took the unit apart and removed the connector carefully to reuse it.

cleaned up the pads and lightly filed the board to fit the connector.

then carefully modified the connector so it would slide onto the board better
Next: power and bus management

1 VCC +5 Volts power supply 2 SBE Low if addr in >9000-94xx (sound port)
3 RESET* System reset (active low) 4 EXTINT* External interrupt (active low)
5 A5 Address bus, bit 5 6 A10 Address bus, bit 10
7 A4 Address bus, bit 4 8 A11 Address bus, bit 11
9 DBIN Active high = read memory 10 A3 Address bus, bit 3
11 A12 Address bus, bit 12 12 READY Active high = memory is ready
13 LOAD* Un mask able interrupt (=> BLWP @>FFFC) 14 A8 Address bus, bit 8
15 A13 Address bus, bit 13 16 A14 Address bus, bit 14
17 A7 Address bus, bit 7 18 A9 Address bus, bit 9
19 A15 Address bus, lsb. Also CRU output bit. 20 A2 Address bus, bit 2
21 GND Ground 22 CRUCLK* Inversion of TMS9900 CRUCLOCK pin
23 GND Ground 24 PHI3* Inversion of phase 3 clock
25 GND Ground 26 WE* Write Enable (derived from TMS9900 WE* pin)
27 GND Ground 28 MBE* Active low if addr in >4000-5FFF (card ROMs)
29 A6 Address bus, bit 6 30 A1 Address bus, bit 1
31 A0 Address bus, bit 0 (most significant) 32 MEMEN* Memory access enable (active low)
33 CRUIN CRU input bit to TMS9900 34 D7 Data bus, bit 7 (least significant)
35 D4 Data bus, bit 4 36 D6 Data bus, bit 6
37 D0 Data bus, bit 0 (most significant) 38 D5 Data bus, bit 5
39 D2 Data bus, bit 2 40 D1 Data bus, bit 1
41 IAQ Interrupt acknowledged by TMS9900 42 D3 Data bus, bit 3
43 VDD -5 Volts power supply 44 AUDIOIN To sound generator AUDIO IN pin
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Game Boy Advance on the LX!

by on Aug.10, 2010, under Didj

Yes we now have a working gameboy advance emulator working on the LX!
sound is a bit messed up on some games but its a start!

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