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Pega WiiMote Battery + charger FAIL!

by on Aug.09, 2009, under Stuff, Uncategorized

I was using my Wii with the second controller on the charger when with out warning…


sad kitty!

My face as my Wii turned off without being able to save!

What the hell just happend?

Pega Battery Fail

The Pega Battery failed catastrophically spewing acid into the WiiMote

Paga Battery Fail 2

Took these photos the day after it happened. I didn’t want to have the second cell blow up in my face.

I took apart the charger to see if it had failed also… and became disturbed as to the low quality of this product.

hand soldered?

Were these assembled by kids?

bad solder 2

My mother could solder better then this! Both terminals of this cap were soldered together!?!

Definitely not ROHS compliant!

NEVER again will I buy another device that has been made by Pega!

Not worth damaging $60-75+ of equipment to save a few $ on batteries!

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