2.4GHz 20dbi Yagi WLAN WiFi Omni Wireless Antenna… Just for show?

by on Jul.09, 2012, under Electronics

I purchased one of these WiFi antennas just to see how it was wired. At $10.89 with free shipping I couldn’t let this deal on ebay pass as I have seen this same exact antenna for sale else ware fore up to $50 without shipping included…

Out of the box impressions were not that great… There wasn’t even a box :D
Seller claims this anteana has the fallowing specs
Directional antenna
RP-SMA connector
2.4GHz 802.11b/g
Color: silver
Cable length: 20cm
Bandwidth: 2400MHz
Dimension: 48cm x 7cm x 3cm
Gain: 20dBi
Several of the pegs with the black plastic caps were miss aligned and loose. I though that maybe it was damaged in shipment and the antenna was ruined, until I opened up the mystical grey plastic box.

What the heck? 2 pieces of brass and a small snip of wire attached to coax …
but then what is the point of the aluminum bar with the aluminum pegs?

Is this some sort of cheep scam? or is there some magical Chinese work going on here?

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    Yagi antennas are supposed to have the two driven elements. In your antenna’s case they are the brass strips inside the gray box. The box is just to make the antenna weatherproof. All of the rest of the antenna parts are passive elements that affect the directionality of the antenna.

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    Looks about right but looks very cheap. How much gain do you get from it? I am betting you don’t get 20dBi.
    I commonly find the scam on ebay that they sell a low gain antenna claiming it is a high gain antenna. I once purchased 3x 6dBi omnidirectional pigtails that some sellers were claiming to be 24dBi. I knew they were only going to be about 5-8dBi before I purchased them based off size.
    That is why when I needed a 20dBi Yagi I purchased one made in Germany and it gives me 20dBi even if looks like a white rocket launcher.

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    I bought the same cheap antenna….just for the same price and when I opened i found the same situation of the pics above….great scam !

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    Looks fine to me. It’s certainly cheap looking but it’s wired correctly. It’s not using a folded dipole but it’s a dipole none the less with all the director elements. It looks like about 16 elements, that would be 20dBi(ish).

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    Oh and the attached to coax comment, that’s good, it’s built to work with 50ohm coax and not need a balun.

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    Hi i just received mine today and it SUCKS! it works even worst than the 5dbi antenna :(
    Some one knows what to do with this?

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    yep I bought one. At 10 bucks I Figured it might be worth it and could maybe fix it up (with a file.)BUT IT WAS A 20 dbi when tested it . I Was in shock! Especially since it was a 16 dbi that I bought.. I think they just slap them together and I lucked out. Moogle the other Parts are passive they act as resonators each 5% smaller that the next all measured right. But these are cheap and badly made but not a scam as far as the reflector goes. like I said I bought the 16 dpi got 20 but most folks got 5 DPi No idea why some have the right measurements the others Completely wrong. I am guess there 10 guys on a assembly line 1 knows what hes doing the other 9 do not.

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    big surprise,after i purchase this antenna, very poor gain and no signal.. but I have managed some modification on it and now i got 20dbi.. i fuck off the 2 brass inside, very silly idea to do this

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    Got the same antenna. Opened it up, saw the same thing. That’s how I ended up here. :P Anyone able to say how upgrade this?

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