Today Is a good day

by on Apr.23, 2013, under Electronics, Life

I am in a really awesome Good Mood!

I was feeling horrible last night after I cracked my custom Volt / Amp meter for my new lab wiring
Today I am back on my A.D.H.D. medication and everything is going great!
The hell with depression! Today Is My DAY! I took what I learned from my mistakes last night and turned them around into a learning experience.  I am in the best mood I have been in a long time.
Yes that is me without a beard!
Here is a before photo with my kitty on my shoulders cheering me up.
I even discovered a nifty way to hide the scar from my lymph node biopsy with the way I shaved my beard off.
Went to the hardware store and looked at my options for a bigger box to hold the new AC volt /amp meter I just purchased on ebay. Reason the screen cracked was I didn’t give myself enough room with all the wires. I went and bought a new bigger box that has room for better wiring.
The GFI plate cover hole is only a few MM smaller than what the new display will need but I can nibble tool it to the proper size.
While I was there I went and acquired some nice pine boards to attach the new breaker box and wall outlets to.
Now not only will my new laboratory wiring be to proper wiring house code and safer than the extension cords and power strips I’ve been abusing, It will look nice and give the room a good pine sent after I cut it to size.
I am thinking of putting a nice varnish or clear coat on the pine planks, something fire resistant maybe.

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