Kodak History found cheep at estate sale

by on Aug.01, 2013, under Electronics

I got this nifty piece of history cheep at a local estate sale.

Not 100% sure what I got but it looks a lot like the Kodak Ektasound 130.’s info on the Kodak Ektasound 130
This is the final version sold to the public.
Here is what I got.
Yes that is a clear plastic case!
Missing some of the final trim and labels
I cant see how this would even be functional with the clear case as it would expose the film. Maybe this was used to test the sound?
Case is a little scuffed up like it was used a bit.
If you have any info please post in the comments!

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    The clear plastic case would be useful to show how the film was routed around inside the case and how the camera worked. Also prototype castings from moulds are often natural plastic, so it could be a prototype camera.

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    Highly unlikely it’s a prototype. Probably a store demo to show off the inner works, or a training aid.

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    It’s a display model for retail stores. This was pretty common back in the eighties. A common scam on Stanley Rd, Hong Kong was to sell these to unsuspecting tourists as a deluxe model.

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    In the Super8 cameras, the film was in a light-tight cartridge that was in contact with the gate, so there was no threading involved – the film stayed entirely within the cartridge. But I don’t think the front of the cartridge was completely light-tight, so even if the optical path from the lens to the shutter and gate was light-tight, this would probably not work very well. This was most likely a non-functional demo unit to show off the innards.
    Still, you COULD hack it by installing a little baffling around the gate and shutter if you really wanted a transparent movie camera. That uses film. That is getting harder to get by the day, and even harder to process. Never mind.

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      Processing is the easy part if you’re prepared to setup some basic equipment. But they haven’t sold this type of film here in over 25 years! :p

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      You’re mostly spot-on. This was a functional camera. Super8 cartridges – as you note – were light-tight. if you look at the front of the film housing where the shutter gate is, you can see that it’s opaque. This camera probably worked just fine. if the motor still runs (put batteries in and try it!) then you can happily buy a couple of Kodak Tri-X cartridges, and shoot ’em.

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