February 5

Why MyPlot isnt public…

the fallowing took place a few minutes ago…

[11:07:55 PM] Maxi: Hi
[11:08:00 PM] Maxi: I am maxi
[11:08:14 PM] Maxi: And interested in buying the my plot plugin
[11:08:24 PM] Maxi: How much is it ?
[11:08:42 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: hi
[11:08:56 PM] Maxi: How much is myplot
[11:08:59 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: do you have a server host or is your server on your computer?
[11:09:07 PM] Maxi: Have a server
[11:09:12 PM] Maxi: I bought from a host
[11:09:19 PM] Maxi: So how much is it
[11:09:24 PM] Maxi: $5
[11:09:37 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: 15$
[11:09:40 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: + tip
[11:09:46 PM] Maxi: Ok
[11:09:56 PM] Maxi: Can I pay with google checkout
[11:10:01 PM] Maxi: That is all I jave
[11:10:13 PM] Maxi: And some questions before I buy
[11:10:33 PM] Maxi: 1. Does it automaticly make plots
[11:10:49 PM] Maxi: 2. Does it automaticly worldguard plots
[11:10:56 PM] Maxi: Ok
[11:11:18 PM] Maxi: Please answer
[11:12:07 PM] Maxi: Answer I need the plugin now
[11:12:28 PM] Maxi: -.-
[11:13:43 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: I only have paypal atm
[11:13:45 PM] Maxi: Ok
[11:14:00 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: no it doesnt auto make the physical plots yet im stil working on that code
[11:14:23 PM] Maxi: Do you have a plot map I can upload
[11:14:38 PM] Maxi: And when will you take google checkout
[11:15:10 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: https://wtfmoogle.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/plothelper.jpg
[11:15:16 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: this is the region generator i wrote
[11:15:17 PM] Maxi: Ok
[11:15:35 PM] Maxi: Can I test out myplit
[11:15:44 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: not really
[11:15:59 PM] Maxi: And when I upload my plot to my server will it auto guard the plot map I uploaded
[11:16:26 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: there is still some stuff that has to be manually set
[11:16:27 PM] Maxi: I bought the plugin a year ago fro
[11:16:42 PM] Maxi: The mooglemods.com
[11:16:47 PM] Maxi: And I never
[11:16:50 PM] Maxi: Got it
[11:17:07 PM] Maxi: But I can pay again
[11:17:15 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: what the hell are you talking about?
[11:17:32 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: MoogleMods.com wasnt even registered a year ago
[11:17:53 PM] Maxi: Ok
[11:17:55 PM] Maxi: Nvm
[11:18:06 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: the idea for MyPlot Wasnt even thought of yet a year ago...
[11:18:17 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: what the fuck kind of scam you trying to pull on me?
[11:18:24 PM] Maxi: No
[11:18:32 PM] Maxi: I bought on ebay
[11:18:35 PM] Maxi: Or somtin
[11:18:48 PM] Maxi: But I will still pay
[11:18:56 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: .... I dont sell on ebay...
[11:19:02 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: never have never will
[11:19:08 PM] Maxi: Ok
[11:19:10 PM] Maxi: Mv
[11:19:14 PM] Maxi: Nvm
[11:19:16 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: what did you buy then?
[11:19:18 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: no tell me
[11:19:23 PM] Maxi: Nvm
[11:19:30 PM] Maxi: That is for me to know
[11:19:43 PM] Maxi: So I will buy the plugin
[11:20:00 PM] Maxi: When I can pay with google checkout
[11:20:11 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: ... you just tried to scam me
[11:20:12 PM] Maxi: And do I get free updates
[11:20:21 PM] Maxi: Nvm
[11:20:27 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: and you blatently lied to me
[11:20:36 PM] Maxi: Sorry
[11:20:40 PM] Maxi: Ok
[11:21:07 PM] Maxi: So when I buy my plot do I get the plot get program and does it work with mac
[11:21:43 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: ...
[11:21:58 PM] Maxi: Do i
[11:22:10 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: I dont think i want to sell it to you now...
[11:22:13 PM] Maxi: And when will you take google checkout
[11:22:17 PM] Maxi: No please
[11:22:19 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: Never
[11:22:28 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: I only take paypal
[11:22:29 PM] Maxi: Why not
[11:22:43 PM] Maxi: Ok
[11:22:57 PM] Maxi: So i will contact you later when I have PayPal
[11:22:59 PM] Maxi: K
[11:23:08 PM] Maxi: That ok
[11:23:15 PM] Haxtor Moogle Kupo: I dont trust you
[11:23:25 PM] Maxi: Whatever bye

at this point the kid blocks me and removes me as a contact…

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  1. By philippe on

    Hello Sir That guy is name is dixemaxi he is a weird kid so yeah and btw i would love to purchase the plugin my plot from you and a couple of config needed on my server i have 100$$ and i am willing to spend for you to make some plugins for me and my server i also need you to set some stuff up add me on Skype Pblasi13 or fail me at philippeluccablasi@hotmail.com thanks

  2. By fatal_cyber on

    Someone I know ttgspeed’s server has this plugin and it looks really good. I Would like to buy it skype fatal.cyber :)

  3. By zimpop on

    I respect your choices on making this plugin public or not,, but i hope this inst the “actual” reason why its not public.

  4. By zimpop1 on

    I respect your choices on making this plugin public or not,, but i really hope this inst the “actual” reason why its not public..

  5. By AK on

    Well, I won’t spam you with “I r want this plugin”, but in all honesty that’s pretty much what I’m here for. Couple things I’m wondering though, does it have a public API in which we can hook into? I’m assuming you’d rather not give out a source when someone purchases it. Also, does it conflict with any other plugins (other than obvious ones such as InfiniteClaims..)?

  6. By Aich on

    Hey I am looking to get this plugin for my creative server. I am having issues with the other site and found this one by googleing. You can reach me via my email. Thanks

  7. By InstantEragon on

    Email me about MyPlot, I am interested about it. I am setting up a multiworld server and i want to have an organized creative server. So just email me some details

  8. By Dave on

    Hi! Haxtor, if you see this please read:
    Basically, I think that you are just an awful person for charging for a Bukkit plugin. Bukkit plugins are supposed to be free, and there’s other things that have so much more effort put in than you do into MyPlot that don’t cost a penny! Take Spout for example, they have a whole team of people working on it, and they use their time to make it, and release it for free. You sir are a greedy, selfish bastard wanting to make money of something that shouldn’t be paid for. If you really wanted to make money, just add a donate button!
    To anybody else reading this, DO NOT buy MyPlot or you will be sucked in like all the others. dev.bukkit.org offers much more FREE plugins, such as InfinitePlots and InfiniteClaims, which combined do the same as MyPlot FREE OF CHARGE.
    Please don’t waste your money everybody.

    1. By broluigi on

      its not a waste if you have a server budget… its only 25 bucks + tip
      I could buy a stack of mozzarella sticks with that.

  9. By Matrix on

    EDIT :p My Skype is CllayMoore my email is Cawm@live.com I have paypal and I am willing to pay so please respond or email me and we can talk I really want this plugin :)

  10. By MatrixPvP on

    Yo, Absolutely love this, Email or skype me whenever you get the time please and we can discuss the price. I really want this. :]
    Skype: matrix.pvp

  11. By Whicked on

    Hello there , I am very interested in your plugin and would like to have a few minutes to speak to you on it. If you could contact me on skype or email me that would be great. Thanks
    Skype – Whickedone

  12. By broluigi on

    I am working on making a epic server, but I need your my plots! please give me a way to buy it I desperately need it.
    I have owned several servers, lotsoblawk, and theblocmencraft. They were good but we had no plot system so everyone would crowd the worlds! I hope you will sell me your plugin as it will be incredibly useful, and if we cross paths again, I may ask for more plugins (I will pay of course).
    p.s I have paypal and will pay you through there, but first I need you to contact me somehow! I can’t use my computer at the time as it is being repaired but if you can arrange something via email I would be grateful.

  13. By Joe on

    Why, do you taunt us with the wonder of MyPlot, then when someone goes to buy it, you do not respond. Your website is broken, and I am finding it impossible to contact you. Be a little more professional, and put up something simple for us to just buy it. You have skipped the most important part of any development process, distribution. Get your act together and start selling, or make it public, not that difficult.

  14. By mooksie01 on

    uhhh…. the server i play on is constantly popping up the comment thet it has a pirated version of myplot wat does that mean?

    1. By Moogle (Post author) on

      That means that the server pirated MyPlot and is running it illegally…
      What server is this?

      1. By Anthony on

        Hey ,
        I was wondering if you would release this plugin for a server for me to use it on .
        I don’t care about the nonsense that this whole message with some random guy has to say I just care about the plugin.
        Reply back,

  15. By Ministryofsound on

    I remember this very well, on that server the time that happened. You took that on very well, Moogle ;)

  16. By MrFrederikkrebs on

    Hi can i get myplot i wanna do anything for get then my servers ip is EditCraft.dk

  17. By BuildCraftia on

    we changed our server hardware (and have a new IP) so our licence needs updating please. (thats why it says its pirated ninja. We have bought myplots and have been using it for months)

  18. By Patpie65 on

    I’d Really Love To Purchase This MyPlot Plugin!
    I Really Like The Code, Cause I’ve Seen It On SKitScape’s Server :D
    Add Me On Skype: patpie65
    I Will Pay The $15 + $5 Tip!
    Please Add me!

  19. By CoD2204 on

    May I buy the plugin from you? you say it’s 15$, is this for the whole plugin and the updates coming? Or is it just for exs. 1 month? How much is it to get it permanently and all it’s updates?
    I will spend max. 100$ here, but it would be quite nice for 50$! Please answear me on my Skype;

  20. By Boomboom on

    Hi, i tried to buy marbles from you 3 years ago and they never arrived, Im happy to pay again but i want double the marbles, nevermind, just send me the money and ill buy the marble

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