August 4

Tiny Tiny Bread

Tiny Tiny Bread Wiki – was vandalized and is down for now

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What is the Tiny Tiny Bread?

The Tiny Tiny Bread is a ATTiny 8 pin micro-controller breakout/ development board designed to take up as little space on a bread board as possible. The Tiny Tiny Bread can be used as a stand alone programmer when you add a clothes pin to hold the chip down.


Notice how it plugs into the power rails saving space :)

How Tiny is it?


Eagle Shield files



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  2. By Nerdful Things on

    I have only worked with kits that came preloaded with bootloaders (I have an ISP on the way) and I would like to see some sort of tutorial on how to program this board and maybe some videos on projects that have been made on a breadboard. Maybe with some tutorials and demo source codes tested with it, this could be a great starter kit for educational purposes (and good for newbz like me).
    If you send me a sample board, I will promote it on for you and use it for demonstrations. I would like to play with your board, I am a newbie on a self learning mission.

  3. By Sparr on

    Posting here for future reference… The orientation of your vcc/gnd pins makes this somewhat incompatible with some power supplies from sparkfun and adafruit, which go on the “other side” of the breadboard and thus have the pins reversed. As I mentioned on IRC, it seems like a straightforward fix would be to add a second vcc via just north of the gnd via, so that the vcc/gnd header can be installed in one of two locations depending on which side of the breadboard the user plans to use. With that fix I would buy two of these today, and probably will if/when you make a second production run if I am still using the 8-pin chips then.

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