June 2 2011

Moogle Control

Moogle has spent countless hours working on these mods :) If you enjoy it and would like to see them further developed and maintained feel free to donate some beer $ to him.

Moogle Control

Moogle Control – The Ultimate Plugin to stop weather:
Version: v0.1
Are you sick of snow and ice messing up your creative world? Does rain make you sad? Are you tired of thunder scaring the hell out of you?
Do you want to build with ice but don’t want it to melt or flood your creation? Then this is the plug in for you :)
This plugin allows you to turn off weather completely on your server, allowing you to stop ice from spreading unlike other weather plugins. Features:

  • Stop weather completely
  • Disable thunder storms
  • Disable ice and snow melting
  • Disable ice and snow from spreading
  • Stop ice from spawning water when broken
  • Spawn snow blocks instead of snowballs when snow is broken.
  • Supports multiple worlds with different configurations


  • This plugin needs multiverse to handle multiple worlds at the moment.
  • Permissions to be installed (future commands to be added)
  • my custom Bukkit build (819 based)

Due to events needed to stop ice I had to add some code to bukkit to make it work properly. I waited over a month for the Bukkit team to pull my code into the main build and they never did. So you need my custom Bukkit build to run this plugin. You can visit my Fork to see the code here
Known Bugs

  • Ice blocks still makes water with super pickaxe due to how WorldEdit is programmed.

Change log: Version 0.1

  • First Public Release


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