July 16


Moogle has spent countless hours working on these mods :) If you enjoy it and would like to see them further developed and maintained feel free to donate some beer $ to him.

SpamControl  –  The Best Plugin to Stop Chat Spam:
If you run a large server then you know how hard it can be at times to manage chat spam when there are no mods or admins logged in.
To detect spam this plugin currently uses 2 methods. First it keeps track of the last thing each person says. If they repeat this exactly within the configured time then they are flagged for spamming, muted and jailed.
The second method stores the time the last message was sent by a player. If the player tries to send messages too fast then they are flagged, muted and jailed. This method is very effective in stopping spam scripts and hot keys. This plugin helps mods and admins stop chat spam and punish the users properly.
Simple commands to use this plugin. This plugin auto saves the list of spammers so if your server is restarted or crashes the players punished is safe. When a player logs out and back in and they are punished they are sent a message telling them that they are still jailed and muted for spamming chat.
This is what it looks like when a spammer is caught


/listspammers – Lists users that have were caught spamming by the plugin
/unpunish (user name here) – Does all the dirty admin work for you of un-muting and un-jailing the user you define caught by the plugin
/clearspammers – Clears the list of spammers caught by the plugin, Once you do this you must manually un-mute and un-jail the offenders.

/spamcontrolver – Gives the version of SpamControl and gives me credit for my hard work :)


Note: Commands should not have the leading / enter the commands as you would from the server console.
To show a player’s name in a message use ^N (Only Works with Caught_Message setting at the moment)Spam_Check_For_OP: – When set to false ops on the server will be exempt from spam checks. (Default: false)ALL_CAPS_SPAM_CHECK: – ENABLE ALL CAP SPAM CHECK TO STOP CHAT LIKE THIS? (Default: true)ALL_CAPS_SPAM_CAUGHT_MESSAGE: – MESSAGE SENT TO PLAYERS WHEN THEY TRY TO SEND A MESSAGE TYPED ALL IN CAPS LIKE THIS (Default: Typing in all caps is not allowed on this server.)Spam_Check_Time: – Minimum time between messages sent by a user in milliseconds to call the chat spam, Useful for stopping spam scripts, average user types slower then 600 Milliseconds when not spamming (Default: 600)
Caught_Message: – Message broadcast when a spammer is caught. (Default: ^N was a naughty and had to be punished for attempting to spam)
Relog_Kicked_Message: – Message Player will see when they login and they were kicked by the plugin (Default: Caution You were Kicked for spamming)
Relog_Muted_Message: – Message Player will see when they login and they were muted by the plugin (Default: Caution You are Muted for spamming)
Relog_Jailed_Message: – Message Player will see when they login and they were jailed by the plugin (Default: Caution You are Jailed for spamming)
Jail_Name: – Name of the jail you use (Default: jail)
Jail_Command: – What command you use to jail users when they are bad (Default: tjail)
Kick_Command: – What command you use to kick users when they are bad *Not used yet, part of future features (Default: kick)
Mute_Command: – What command you use to mute users when they are bad and need muting (Default: mute)
Ban_Command: – Ban command you type in console (Default: ban)
Ban_Message: – Ban message Player will see (Default: You have spammed too much you are banned.)

Permissions Settings:

These should be given only to people or groups you trust.


  • Stops Chat Spam
  • Stops all caps chat spam
  • Multiple chat spam attack script preventions
  • Very Configurable
  • Auto Saves List of Offenders
  • login and logout spam message auto ban
  • Idiot Proof

Latest Build -> SpamControl0.16.zip

Previous Build-> SpamControl0.14.zip
old Build -> SpamControl0.12.zip
old old Build -> SpamControl0.1.zip
Known Bugs:
  • Can not un-punish users from server command terminal.

Change log:

Version 0.16

    • If enabled then players who are not exempt can not type in all caps and
      are sent a message telling them so.

Version 0.15 (non public release)

  • Removed Spam_Exempt_Permission_Groups setting
  • New Permission available -SpamControl.CanSpam
    • If set for a group or player then they can spam and not be punished
  • Re-log punished messages are now configurable

Version 0.14

  • Lots of fixes
  • Now bans players who try to spam the server with log out chat messages using scripts or client hacks
  • players banned are logged to a .txt file
  • too much to remember for my tired brain

Version 0.12

  • Multiple Permissions Groups can be defined in the config add  a “, ” between groups Spam_Exempt_Permission_Group is now named Spam_Exempt_Permission_Groups

Version 0.1

  • Initial release works with [953]

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