January 31

Moogle’s Minecraft mods

Moogle has spent countless hours working on these mods :) If you enjoy it and would like to see them further developed and maintained feel free to donate some beer $ to him.


Bukkit plugin to stop chat spam!

No More rain


Moogle Control

Has its own page now

Ramp Slope and Stair Mod

Has its own page now

More Block IDs for SMP

Stack Mod

This one is for  beta 1.2_01 Server StackLimitMod.zip
Removes the limit of 64 items that a player can have in their inventory.
Dispensers can have crazy stacks in them now but you might need to use a auto clicker to achieve this
New Default Stack limit is 512 items :)
You can use /give PlayerName ItemID ItemNo to give up to 512 of an item now also :)
To install. Open up your server.jar file with a program like winrar. delete the meta-info folder and copy all the files from the zip to your .jar

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