February 12

Command Reference

Stop the main app

/etc/init.d/lightning stop

Disable the usb “Thumb drive” function

usbctl -d mass_storage -a disable

To enable

usbctl -d mass_storage -a enable

Unlock the USB if in Mfg Test Mode.

usbctl -d mass_storage -a unlock

— NAND partitions can not be shared by USB host and device simultaneously.
Developers should use the usbctl command judiciously to avoid corrupting NAND.

Mount the Manufacturers partition

mount -t jffs2 $mfgdatamnt /mnt2/mfg

Remount the Manufactures partition as RW

mount -o remount,rw /mfgdata

Remount the root fs as RW

mount -o remount, rw /

Detect if a cart is inserted
$CART_INSERT_DETECT=`gpio-control /dev/gpio invalue 0 18 | grep value | c

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