March 29

Broken gear on your paper shredder? Don’t throw it out! Print a new one!

I had this industrial paper shredder forever, it always had one broken tooth on the main drive gear that made a cringe-able thump every rotation. (Hence why I acquired it for free :) )

Info of the shredder: The worn sticker says”world ssc5″  after some research I found it to also be known as the “CCS 5000 Achiever”

After many years of use and abuse I finally gave up when the thump became louder and it was very apparent that the gears were slipping now.


Another tooth was broken! Is this the end of my shredder?

Not with my 3d printer!


The gear was very worn so I took extra measurements as I coded the gear in OpenSCAD.


After a few minutes I had my model rendered out and nearly identical, except for a thicker wall for added strength.


This was my first attempt at printing ABS for something use able.

There was a little wobble in the print, not sure why yet, but it was all within tolerance.


Might be due to cooling too fast or using 100% infill :D


Test time!

Quiet and smooth! Success!

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