July 5 2016

Board #2 ACL Game

Test Gallery for Board 2 of ACL game

Test Gallery for Board 3 of ACL game


December 13 2015

The Saturn Drives again!

New exhaust pipes, Zinc coated my cat and welded a new flange onto it :) Who needs a new 450$ catalytic converter when you can restore the one you have already!

Should be good for another 10 years of NY harsh winters.




Tricky 3 part weld using the old down pipe flange and a pipe adapter inside to add strength.

Tacked it in place first with the bolts in to get the alignment perfect then finished the weld on the work bench.


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March 29 2015

Broken gear on your paper shredder? Don’t throw it out! Print a new one!

I had this industrial paper shredder forever, it always had one broken tooth on the main drive gear that made a cringe-able thump every rotation. (Hence why I acquired it for free :) )

Info of the shredder: The worn sticker says”world ssc5″  after some research I found it to also be known as the “CCS 5000 Achiever”

After many years of use and abuse I finally gave up when the thump became louder and it was very apparent that the gears were slipping now.


Another tooth was broken! Is this the end of my shredder?

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