March 29

Broken gear on your paper shredder? Don’t throw it out! Print a new one!

I had this industrial paper shredder forever, it always had one broken tooth on the main drive gear that made a cringe-able thump every rotation. (Hence why I acquired it for free :) )

Info of the shredder: The worn sticker says”world ssc5″  after some research I found it to also be known as the “CCS 5000 Achiever”

After many years of use and abuse I finally gave up when the thump became louder and it was very apparent that the gears were slipping now.


Another tooth was broken! Is this the end of my shredder?

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October 1

more prusa prints


Safety switch mount location mount ideas

bolt to the end?

Holes in bottom can be used for a clamp or snap in mount maybe?

Bolt to the bar?

less tempting to hit bar mount?

block the ramps fan mount?

Make a custom z stepper mount that can be bolted to?

maybe attach to the extra bit of rod?